Participate In Papa Murphy’s Survey

It is now Papa Murphy’s turn to grow more ‘yumm-licious’ by getting customer feedback for the services and products the company is into. With a huge variety of pizzas on the pan, toppings and complementary items, the fast food leader is a big hit amongst the Americans. It keeps on launching many deals and introducing new products to satiate the taste buds of the customers. Surveys are the best means to understand the needs of the customers and when proper questions included, you can hit the right opportunity.

About Papa Murphy’s

Papa Murphy’s is the leader in providing ‘Take and Bake Pizzas’ in America. It is a chain restaurant and has over 1250 outlets serving hot pizzas to the customers. Papa Murphy’s is a bit hit because of the quality of pizzas and the services it provides. People look forward to be their customer to avail their great services in approximately 40 locations. Besides, Papa Murphy’s is expanding, so it’s the right time for customer feedback.

Process to take survey

If you have had your piece of pizza at the Papa Murphy’s, you would definitely take up the survey. After all you have the experience and it is good to provide the genuine feedback. So here is the process to share your recent experience:

  • Go to the official site of Papa Murphy’s
  • Check for the restaurant you had been to on the ‘ baking instructions’ details or search by the ‘zip code’ (you might require the last bill)
  • Once there, you will be asked a series of questions
  • Answer them on the basis of your recent visit and give all the details required thereby

Taking the survey is very easy and no rocket science. You simply need to abide by what is being asked and you will realize soon what a difference your feedback has made.